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We adore pushing advancement technologies further.

Increased Effiency and Usability

Our methodologies streamline your organization and enable you to engage your audience in a more targeted and interactive way, as well as reduce your costs and maximize on leads, sales and profits.

Nd's team of qualified and experienced web developers allow us to provide professional development services for our clients. Our commitment to understanding a client's needs and adding our own experience to add value means that we can truly provide you with the best solution for your needs. We take the thinking out of the box for you.

We use valid HTML5 and CSS3, that is then integrated into the open source ontent-Management-System that is globally recognized. Our website and e-commerce solution are designed to be viewed properly on every device and every browser, assuring that your customers are getting the best of your business, wherever they are.

Our web developers work on the back-end as well as the front end of given platforms (e.g. websites or apps), getting into the specific details of the code and making sure all the programming and coding comes together to ensure the site looks and works as per your desire. Web development influences the process of web design, content management, app creation and other scripting and network security configurations, all of which allows search users to get things done based on the functionality of your platform.

Our Web Development Services

Open Source Programming (PHP)
SQL, MySQL Database Programming
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
Magento Custom Development
Expression Engine Custom Development
Non-CMS Custom Development

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